In Fort Worth, Texas, the weather can change from comfortable to very cold real quick…is your gas furnace blowing cold air?

Sometimes, out of the blue, your gas furnace can begin blowing cold air, causing a chill in your Fort Worth home! Your first fear will be the necessity of a large repair bill. That is the time to call Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical because it could very easily be a simple fix and you want a company you can trust not to take advantage of your situation.

Here are a few simple possibilities for what seems lie a major problem!

Is your furnace overheating?

Routine maintenance is required on any furnace to make sure it is in it’s peak operating condition. One of the easiest things to overlook is the scheduled replacement of your air filter(s). If your air filter is dirty, this can and will affect the airflow through the system which in turn will cause too much heat to build up in the system and the protective devices will cause the unit to shut down. Let Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical set you up on a Preferred Service Program and keep your sytem in peak operating condition!

Did your pilot light go out?

Older gas furnaces have a pilot light ignition system that can be easily extinguished with a simple breeze or malfunctioning components that keep the pilot light lit. All of these possibilities are quick and easy repairs that can be accomplished by our trained technicians at Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical!

Is your gas furnace in need of cleaning?

A gas furnace can create by-products from its operation can can affect the proper operation of its various components. Often times these are simple maintenance issues that can be quickly fixed by one of our trained technicians at Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical.

Are your air ducts properly sealed?

Sometimes, due to several possible reasons, the air ducts that supply the heated or cooled air to your various rooms could have become damaged by splitting, open seams or simply squashed closed by previous repairmen that have accessed your attic? These things will cause the controlled air to escape or be cutoff before it ever reaches your rooms!

No matter what your problem may be, Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical in Fort Worth can help you get your gas furnace up and running at its peak operating condition again. We can also help keep it running with ongoing, preventive maintenance. Call our experts at 817-862-9856 or schedule an appointment with us online and we’ll be there to help!