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Preferred Service Program

It is widely acknowledged that in order to maintain complete operating efficiency for your heating and air conditioning system, you should have your system maintained once a year. This will aid in the comfort of your home, the energy efficiency of your home as well as address any potential issues with your system BEFORE they cause a complete breakdown!

Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical can help you manage a regular maintenance program that offers 2 service calls for each covered system..one in the spring and one in the fall. This scheduling prepares your system for the winter and summer months respectively and allows us to check your system, making sure it is in top operating condition!

The cost of our Preferred Service Program is $185 for one or your first system and $90 for each additional system. The program includes several bonuses of membership and will verify that your system is in its top operating condition. Those bonuses include the following:

  • A detailed inspection to verify there are no potential operational issues
  • Washing the outside coils (spring service)
  • Check freon levels (spring service)
  • Check furnace for any operational issues, gas or electric (fall service)
  • Check for proper operation of blower and fan motors
  • Check capacitors for required operational standards
  • Exclusive 10% discount on all *repairs (including electrical)
  • Replace or clean your filters (filters supplied by Breeze, additional cost)
  • Priority Service guarantees quick service during busy times of the season
    *The discount on repairs does not apply to the service charge or any equipment installs or updates. 

By joining our Preferred Service Program you will enjoy peace of mind, reduced energy usage and costs as well as the comforting knowledge that your system is operating at its peak performance level!

You can join the program several ways, ask one of our service techs to sign you up and schedule your service(s) while he is on site, call our office at 817-862-9856 or us our online contact form to request and schedule the first service of your Preferred Service Program.