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The comfort of your home is a primary focus, whether it’s in the summer months or winter months. In conjunction with that need, when either systme is not functioning properly and maintaining your desired temperature or comfort level, you need to know some things to look for then call for service from Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical. We know that things go wrong at the worst possible time, which is why we’re here for your every need.

We have listed a fews items to look for when you are concerned whether your system is in need of service:

Unstable Temperatures – Either your heating or cooling system will not maintain the temperature you have set at the thermostat.

Minimum Air Circulation 
– If it seems the air flow from your vents is less than it should be.

Lights Dimming – When your system comes on, you notice your lights dim for a second.

Hearing Strange Noises – Sometimes you hear squealing or unusual noises coming from your indoor or outdoor unit.