What Our Customers Say
“I wanted to let you know your guys that installed my HVAC were awesome! They were on time professional and cleaned up, worked around my clutter in our house and put up with my dogs. That is a good couple of guys you have on your team. Thanks!”
– Dan Parrish
“I had several contractors out to my house (a three story condo, with two different systems, and no attic space) to provide bids for all new HVAC systems; All of them said things like, "Oh this is bad." -- "Whew! Who did this to your HVAC?-- This is Gonna be a hard job." -Head shaking- When Terry from Breeze showed up, he asked to see the systems, looked through things, crawled up into the A/C Cabinets; I'm not sure if it's the fact he's been doing this for approximately thirty years, but his customer service was top notch. The first thing he did after he looked things over was to ask, "The system(s) seem to be cooling fine, why are you wanting to change things out?" I explained to him that since I bought this place new 12 years ago, the 3rd floor was always hot. Hot in the winter, hot in the summer, my bills have always been about double that of my neighbors, AND it's miserable upstairs. --He wrote on his note pad, nodded. After a bit more exploring, he explained to me what he saw as the "opportunities" we had with my current set up, and what would need to be done. Honestly the best part was when he said, "We won't know exactly what we are up against until we get the old system out, but don't worry, unconventional systems are our specialty. We will do a proper installation and you'll be comfortable and happy." I set the install appointment as soon as they sent over their estimate. Breeze Mech. coordinated everything flawlessly. All the supplies they'd need were unloaded into the garage. They scheduled the crane that had to be rented to remove the old units from the roof, and also used to deliver the new units that were being installed. While the first floor system was swapped in a matter of hours, it took them two days to get the main system online -- They discovered they needed additional supplies once they got the old system removed-- so it turned into a multi-day install. On day two, their crew stayed several hours later than that should have, all to ensure that our family didn't have to endure a second night without AC. (We ordered in lunch and dinner for the crew -- as well as made runs to the store to get them Gatorades etc. It's not like you have new AC installed everyday. Honestly there would have been nothing wrong with them calling it a day and leaving at 7pm, but they stuck it out and had us cool and comfortable...and we very much appreciated their staying!)”
– Jaques Rondeau
“I just wanted to contact you and report what a great job the guys did for us yesterday. Your service guys were very professional and we are very pleased with the job they did. They worked very hard to install our unit. Thank you for your help and now I know why Scott uses your company. I rate your company and service "Excellent" Thanks again.”
– Belinda Mahone
“If you want something done right, do it yourself? No, it's not right. Breeze Mechanical actually installed the new HVAC for me much over my expectations. Never miss this company, or you'll regret for your whole life.”
– Luke Chi